American Printing Systems Unveils Revolutionary SpectrumElite DTF Printers and Heater Shakers

Wharton, NJ — January 2024 —American Printing Systems, a leader in cutting-edge printing solutions, proudly announces the debut of its innovative SpectrumElite lineup, consisting of advanced Direct to Film (DTF) printers and heater shakers. This launch not only introduces new hardware but also integrates consumables, including specially formulated DTF ink, powder, and hot peel films, creating a comprehensive printing ecosystem.

The lineup stars the SpectrumElite 6202, a powerful 24-inch DTF printer that is equipped with two high-performance Epson i3200 print heads, enabling print speeds of up to 150 square feet per hour. This model is designed for businesses aiming to expand their production capabilities while maintaining top-notch print quality.

For smaller scale operations, the SpectrumElite 302 offers a compact solution without sacrificing performance. This 12-inch DTF printer features two Epson i1600 print heads and reaches print speeds of up to 40 square feet per hour, ideal for businesses with limited space but uncompromising on quality demands.

Both printers are enhanced by SAi’s Flexi PRINT MINI DTF Edition 22 software, which provides sophisticated, user-friendly tools for seamless print operations. This software ensures that the SpectrumElite printers are not only efficient but also offer precision and ease of use.

In addition to the printers, American Printing Systems introduces its proprietary DTF ink, powder, and hot peel films, specifically designed to complement the performance of the SpectrumElite series. These consumables are engineered to ensure optimal print quality and durability, offering vibrant colors and excellent wash resistance.

“Our new SpectrumElite series represents a significant leap forward in DTF printing technology,” said Chris Philipps, Managing Partner at American Printing Systems. “By integrating printers, heater shakers, ink, powder, and films into a unified solution, we are setting new standards in quality and efficiency, catering to all levels of the printing industry.”

The SpectrumElite series is also supported by state-of-the-art heater shakers that perfectly sync with the printers, guaranteeing flawless ink fixation and superior color fidelity.

American Printing Systems invites businesses to explore the possibilities with the SpectrumElite series. These products are now available through our network of authorized distributors.

For additional information, please contact:

American Printing Systems
(862) 437-1457


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